Monday, October 3, 2011

have you seen my muse?

Edouard Manet’s painting

I know, I gentle with her...she is just hanging back waiting until you sort things out...or is she?
I feel like I want to create, I NEED to create and work out some stress and anxiousness...but what do I make, Do I paint, collage, I know, an assemblage?  See my problem?  I am not  allowing myself to be still enough to listen for her. 
Before I left for Pa. I was in such a happy place in my artwork, I loved doing what I was doing.  I had ideas when I dreamed of being back at my work table, where did they go?  Part of my problem is this, my feelings are all over the place, I have many racing thoughts still, I am trying to find my balance at home... I have stale and stagnate shops, 3 of them... I do want to JUMP in... but I feel as if there is no direction to go.  I might be over thinking this, and MIGHT be adding to much soon I will report that I sat down and just let myself go in a direction, that felt right for me.  I am looking at a very clean and tidy art table... I don't like it...


  1. I am also getting tugged and pulled in many directions. I think once your mind has settled and things have slowed down, it will come to you. Right now I am in the mode to clean my house up so I will feel better about myself and not have a mess sitting all around me...I am a firm believer that we must do things to make ourselves feel better and then the answers will come...You had a long break and lots of emotions traveled through your make take awhile but it will come. I was always told by my counselor to reward myself..I try to do that all the time. I signed up for SheArt2 to reward myself for all the hard work I am doing....something will come to you, just listen...(I love that statement of yours, I use it all the time.....just listen) love you xoxoxo

  2. Pick up a pencil. Pick up a journal or a piece of paper and start doodling. Just let your active mind wander and let your pencil go where it wants. You need to loosen up. Try some deep breathing to start, loosen your arms, stretch and see what happens. Don't "think" about it..just do it. It will come back, it just needs to be gently roused!! :)

  3. So many of our art kin have suggested beginning to clean your studio - handling the materials can stir your creativity and bring inspiration! It'll come!

  4. I know in time you will find your way!


  5. I agree with Sherry, I have been feeling like this lately except that my art table is still a mess from the last time I created! lol But I do know how this feels and it can be uncomfortable. When I do feel this way I try to grab a pencil (as sherry said) and some paper and start sketching. Or I will open up photoshop and play around in there a bit.

    Eventually it always comes back! I should take my own advice sometimes! lol