Tuesday, August 16, 2011

welcome back, routine

So, happy to relax enough to get back to my walking.  (lets face it, the more days that go by without it, the harder it is to get back into it)  We all know that, right?
Now I am sure I would have felt better the past few days, if I would have taken the time to JUST DO IT!  But that is not how I work, but I did dig out and dust off and I feel better for it.  Terribly hot here in South Louisiana, so for now it is work out dvd's, then returning soon to dog walking in the evenings.
Mom is doing pretty well, she is still in the hospital but probably moving to the re-hab facility today.  I know she will do well, her motivation will be returning home. I think Dad's plans for his back surgery are still a go, we are allowing him to call the shots, of course.  I think I am going to get my plane tickets and start my planning process...we have a much clearer picture now.  Fear and worry is still there, but at least I am not consumed by it now and I am planning ahead.  whew... onward...


  1. You will feel better when you are with your parents and can be "doing" something other than feeling like you are sitting on your thumbs. Glad to hear that your mom is feeling better each day and that your dad will go ahead with his surgery as planned.

    As for getting back to routine...I hear you. I'm so lax about this and need to get myself moving!! Glad that you are!

  2. Oh goodness girl you have a lot on your plate, kudos to you for working in some exercise, glad Mom is better!