Monday, August 15, 2011

don't you hate it when...

You go to the store to pick something up, then think of others things you need...start a list and then don't get what you went for?
Google image
 I know, 3 could I?
Bella has itty bitty dog food, and her bag was if need be the big boy would have feasted on itty bitty food.  Luckily I scraped enough for tonight's meal, but not enough for tomorrow...duh!  Guess I might be going to CVS on the corner to see what they have till tomorrow.  ~sigh


  1. Just tell me "you" aren't dining on this as well!!!! :)

  2. LOVED the pic!

    We have 3 dogs too and the image of them sat like this waiting for thier tea just cracked me up, thanks for putting a smile on my face, which will no doubt stay with me for the rest of the day.