Friday, August 12, 2011


A call from my sister yesterday, sent me into a tail spin.  My mom had fallen in her bedroom and they called the ambulance to take her to the hospital.  I was in Walmart picking up things for a dinner guest, I was in utter shock.  I have feared this for so long, mom is so frail and RA has invaded much of her body.  Her bones are so fragile, it happened.
She is in Pennsylvania, I am in Louisiana as many of you know.  Finally I got the word, that her hip was fractured.  She is headed to surgery soon, they will do a partial replacement. I am overwhelmed by the prayers coming her way, via Facebook.  My sister also reached out to her contacts, I know she is being prayed for.  I am very worried and almost numb...My Dad was scheduled for back surgery on the 29th, I am so wanting him to go ahead with it, as he has been suffering with pain for 3 months.  We can ask them to consider, but it will be his decision.  I do think mom will be facing re-hab afterwards and this is her big fear... she thinks nursing home when she hears re-hab.  But she did it with her heart surgery a year ago, and did well.  I hope for the same this time and a short stay.
So many emotions today, I am trying as best I can to stay in the moment and not let fear take over my thoughts. It is so hard for me to do...a lesson in this, I know it....I need to quiet myself and listen for it.
I am trying to decide when to go, what to do, how long can I stay... my heart wants me there now, but I talked with my dad and think I will sit tight until we know more.  I feel so alone in my decision, I feel conflict in my head and from those around me... I don't need that. 
Update: I spoke to my sweet momma, so happy all went well.  I needed to hear her voice and know she was safe.  I hope she recovers quickly and does all she can to get through her re-hab and move forward.  


  1. Kathy you are not alone in this decision. You are never alone when making decisions. I'm not uber religious as in preaching and talking about it all the time. But I do know this. God listens and God hears. So when you are making decisions like this you are not alone. Ask. You'll be heard and you will hear.

    And you know how many people love you and your family and care about you and you are lifted in prayer. ♥

  2. I think by talking with your Dad, which was the right thing to do, you made the right decision. You want to go when you are needed the most. Right now it is just a wait on her surgery, hospital stay and the possible length of time in rehab. I understand your want to be there, I would feel the same way. By keeping close touch you will know when you need to are doing good Kathy!!! xo

  3. Dear Kathy,
    My Dear Mum suffered from RA for 50 years, and also Osteo, which I have. You are so not alone my friend. Take strength on those around you. In your heart you will know when it is time to go, whenever :) Keep strong. Just listen to your heart. Shut every thing else out.

    Sending prayers and love