Sunday, July 24, 2011

soulwork, rekindled...

Without going into details (which I tend to do) I have decided to move forward with my soul work.  I think I am finally understanding, this isn't "bad" Kathy...this is just Kathy.  I have come so far, I do see it..When I have slips or backslides I am way to hard on myself...I did sit upon my pity pot for a few days, ok, maybe longer than a few...But thanks to the work I HAVE done I realized it is time to re-visit and continue this ongoing process...I am worth it...
Today while blogging around, I found this quote.

"When you play the victim and expect others to come to your rescue, you are shutting yourself off from that tremendous power YOU have to make a difference.  You are creating a self-limiting environment for yourself.  You are failing to be 100% responsible."

ding, ding, ding....( do YOU hear the bells ringing, oh my goodness I did)

I dug out my TRUTH BOOK, and today I will find a few quiet moments, and read it and remember why I created the pages.
favorite quotes and inspiration

one of my pages

truth cards, some made from my BG friends


  1. My sweet friend, you are realizing that we are all, always a work in progress. We screw up and we make up and we fix things and try again. That makes us human. I'm glad you are coming to that realization and I'm glad that you have your truths to remind you of this!! ♥

  2. Hi Kathy, I signed up for the class but I never got far with it...I beat myself up for not doing it and feel that I've wasted my money & am a failure in a way...I know that I can't go back to it unless I signed up again since the funds are low I'm going to have to hold back...but I will try to take in what I received from it... thank you for beeing an inspiration! Have a honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way! ;O) xox

  3. That's a good quote and yes, I heard the bells too! In fact there have been several bells this week!

  4. Yay!! This is great news. and I am glad we are doing it together as I work in My Secrets & Love Notes journal which is where a lot of truth work is happening :) YOU CAN DO THIS!

  5. That's a great quote and I love your book.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Yes I hear bells ringing. A truth book - what a wonderful idea. I hope it helped to reread yours.