Saturday, July 23, 2011

an Etsy pal, meet Marita

So I have been adding many more listings to my painting shop, Miss Priss Paints.  And I looked for or a banner on Etsy of course.  I change out my banners fairly often so I looked for a good deal.  I wasn't expecting this good of a deal... I found Studio Southern Valley, and met Marita.  Not only does she have fabulous banners, ummm, you get 3... she also has digital images.

digital downloads
 Here are a few examples.  Lovely, right?
So if you find you need some new images or possibly a new banner, please go and see this shop.  Marita is so sweet and my goodness, gets the images to you ASAP...first class seller...


  1. I wondered where you got your pretty bling for your new banner...thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Kathy, I will certainly get a new banner for my Etsy Shop when I re-do it. I want to get some things together before I start something new.....I wish I could put out the art work you do but I am taking baby steps and learning as I go, I will get faster. Thanks again for letting us know about this lady!!!! Happy Day!!!

  3. What lovely images and your shop looks so lovely. Was it easy to set up your shop? I've been toyiing for ages but then keep chickening out. lol!