Thursday, July 28, 2011

pushing past ...a fear

This is not something that I do easily.  Journal...I told myself today I would try, just try...I wouldn't die from it...and guess what?  I didn't...
I found myself this afternoon with a lot of thoughts in my head, "living in my head" I call it.  When I desire to live from my heart... I am learning to do so...I have the knowledge of things to do/ push past the fear, stress, anxiety... I have learned many tools to use, practicing my soul work.  Some of them come easily for me, some I haven't tried...I have taken art journaling classes, it didn't feel right to me,  It was like trying to write in a different language.
But I must try...
Guilt is what gets me most of the I faced it first.
The art was/is simple...I wasn't looking to make a beautiful page, I was just looking to make a page.  I did! 
So tonight instead of all of the racing thoughts, I can say I did what I could, to lessen them.
"she did it anyway"


  1. Yay! Good for you - things are so much more challenging in the head than in real life I think!

  2. She did, she did...she did it anyway!!! We knew you could!! :) Just putting the words on paper and facing that "fear" is the biggest hurdle. It's my hope that the more you do this the less "fearful" you'll be and the more it will be natural and give you the insights and quiet the thoughts that race through your mind! xo

  3. So very inspiring. Just to simply be able to say - you faced the fear..and did it!! YOU GO GIRL!

  4. Journalling is so very therapeutic. Enjoy this new journey.

  5. I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!! putting it on the page gets it out fo your body/mind where you can see its so much smaller and weak then it pretends to be. ♥♥♥