Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lesson learned

Ok, so I have said it before and skirted a bad outcome, but getting "used" to the color I ended up with coloring my hair at home.
This is something I will never use again, I promise you Kathy...
I have colored my hair for awhile now, never getting the professional results I get when my stylist does it.  But I hate to spend that much money...while I know they deserve it, it is expensive.  But they are professionals...yes, there I said it.
So today I was going to call and get my appointment for just a cut, I went to Sally's for my color the other day.  Listened to one of the employees and bought a different shade.  Today was the day to color...I did and I am horrified.
Don't you know my next step was to call and get my appointment and confess my deed...Luckily she is also my friend, so while I did get a bit of a "told you so" it wasn't to bad.  So I see her at 3, thank goodness she had a cancellation...and she will fix it.  I will NEVER skimp on money for my hair again.
When I am not working, I feel like I should not spend money on my hair...this is a lesson I learned the hard way today.  I will cut back with my coffee drinks, or trips to Sonic for their enticing Diet Cherry Limeades... lol.
lesson learned indeed...

further info:  It was very, very light blonde and had a blueish/purple cast to it.  The roots that were grown out were a very silvery blue...almost white.  I used a shade that was to light, and had more lift (?) to it.  And prior it was a medium blonde but dark and to my opinion.  So the last time she did it, she used a golden color, in this same color family.  So she feels it was to light, not the right lift, and I didn't leave it on long enough to cover the roots...It was a mess, but she said I exaggerated and it wasn't as bad as what I kidding.... she knows me well...


  1. I tried that once and you are right, it never comes out the way your hair dresser can do it and also the color they get comes out just the way they said it would. But doing it yourself you get different results in color. I can not color my hair the way she does it, plain and simple and besides my arms give out and hurt. Thank God my friend sent me the money last time I had it colored, I don't know what I am going to do next but I know she had to do it!!

  2. But what did it look like??? I used to do my hair all the time for awhile and it was always fine, though you're right, there's nothing like a pro colour. That's because the product they use is better quality than what you buy in a box. But tell us...what colour was it and why was it awful???

  3. When I was 18 (many moons ago now) a friend gave me a home perm - the only way to resolve the mistake was to have my hair cut to an inch all over my head. I wore a hat whenever I went out. Devastating when you are 18! My hair is the one thing that doesn't get fat when I do and I love it. I do not skimp :)