Friday, June 3, 2011


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I find myself seeking myself, my home, my actions, and art...oh and I forgot my blog....
Soon you will see some changes here, I am hoping to spend a lot more time here, get comfortable here once more...and visit blogs... I have missed it...I find myself, wasting to much time on Facebook, having fun yes, but it is a huge time sucker, and sometimes...I find the interaction...not good for me. Sometimes it is easier to just walk away, or pull back.  I have not decided yet.

What will I do, as I said (hopefully) re-vive my blog, and do what is joyful...create art!  Here is a peek of my work table today!
 I have 2 6 by 6 canvas's I was not happy with...I gessoed and I am creating something new, with Zetti's.  Collage sheets from Paper and Gluestix.  I am excited about these, I know my direction for this project, THAT HELPS.

But first, I made some pasta salad for dinner...Orzo pasta, some bacon, green pepper,onion,celery, shredded cheese...and a concoction for the still my heart, I love Louisiana Remoulade sauce.... So while it is "chillin"...let me get back to my art table....

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  1. I love how this happens. You stretch in one direction, learn new things about life and yourself, and change slowly begins to seep in. And you start to notice that you want changes in other areas and in some cases, like your art -- it starts to move where it needs to go. It's a freeing feeling, a little scary at times, but that's proof that you are "alive".

    Your pasta dinner sounds yummy...and I like what you are doing with the zetti images...I love zetti yet don't do much of it in my art. Looking forward to seeing the finished product -- of the canvas and the blog!