Monday, June 13, 2011

even my surroundings...are changing

This weekend was surprisingly spent, PURGING.  I know... what???  Now we have lived with many treasures surrounding us in our home, for many years.  In fact, it sort of looked like an antique/vintage shop.  And I loved it, and hubby...put up with it.  But you know what, recently I felt suffocated by it.  And I have been knowing this for a long time, it was dusty, too dusty.  I have a good many primitives and cloth type seem to never get them dusted completely.  And when there are too many items, well, my dust cloth kind of just went around....things.
So fast forward to now, and I am not liking this cluttered feeling anymore.  And the primitives just aren't my taste now, I am wanting a much more simplified home.  And so it is...
I just wish I had taken before photos, I was moving to quickly...and didn't think of it.
But here is an example of an old cabinet in my dining room.  

This is where my collection of Union Cases was displayed.  Now these are not going anywhere, but will be packed away...right now, not something I want displayed.  You know, I had a visitor once tell me that she "sensed" a dark, heavy feeling coming from this case...really? I can see that, all these dead folks I do not know, living in my house with me... (but can I tell you, she was a bit crazy...)

I like the after, it is a work in progress.  Looking for just the right things to put in there.  Ahhhhh....


  1. There will come a time when I will be doing just what you did. I do like primitives too and don't have a whole bunch of stuff but my house is cluttered. I must say my house is small and that is part of the reason. It is only 950 sq. ft. Crafting things in plastic bins in the front room. Soon I will be doing the laundry room for art and crafts and that stuff will be stored in there. I know how you must be feeling and just to know your cleaning has been cut down!! Doing this removes pressure you see day in and day out.....gone!!! xoxoxo

  2. Simplify. It's a small, "simple" word and says so much. After all the purging I've been doing at my MIL's these last few days, a lot of it has traveled here. :( Well, that was a necessity but now I will be purging from here and there will be even more that follows my MIL's things out the door.

    When we change it affects so much of our life -- in so many ways and when you stop to think about it, it's all good -- change creates a fresh start!

  3. This is so good for the soul Kathy. When my three boys eventually flew the nest it was a great opportunity for a new start so we downsized our house and cleared SO MUCH stuff which had accumulated in our large victorian house over years and years. We are now much more streamlined and everything is simple, not much furniture so nowhere to put 'things' and we are now able to 'breathe' and just have space! Lovely.
    Enjoy the process.
    Lesley x

  4. Kathy,

    I am so with you on the "living with dead people." I had to give myself permission to clear out many, many things. I started simplifying in February, 2010, and I'm still at it. I want even more simple. Such a freeing thing. Now, I take a picture if possible and donate! I held onto a couple of items like Dad's walking cane and Mom's eyeglasses and their vintage step ladder which now holds a few books. I know that they understand! So good to visit you again. Thanks for stopping by today!