Friday, April 15, 2011


Wow, what a difference a soul restoration makes.  As you know, I am attending Brave Girl Soul Restoration...I am in week 2 and I am learning so much.  Actually some of the biggest changes have been subtle changes others have told me of.  I am saying and doing some things and I am not even aware of it...
I am still in my nervous state...each video I watch I am a bit apprehensive....but once I watch it...I am just warmed and saying ahhhh....I see......

So so far so good, and I hope to find some time today to do my weekly projects.  That is the fun part...the journals...well not so much, net yet.  I am keeping my mind open and I hope that some of these "awkward" feelings, will soon become habit  :)

I did decide to pull back a bit from the huge "time suckers" in my life, big one for me Facebook!  I miss it, and do check in on my phone a bit here and there...but I have lots to do in this short 6 week time frame....I need to reflect and enjoy this journey.


  1. Pulling back on things that suck our time...that is a huge adjustment Kathy -- one that is going to bring life into balance. Focusing on yourself and making the commitment to what you are doing with SR is a must and I'm glad you are doing that...for YOU!! ♥

  2. We all need a little me time, I am working on that. enjoy yourself, Hugs, Mary

  3. Hi Kathy,So glad you visited my blog. So nice to have found yours. I had not heard of Brave Girls Club. SR sounds very interesting. Taking time for yourself is always a good thing.


  4. Hi Kathy! I think it's wonderful to be able to take time just for yourself! I know what you mean abt facebook! I'm using it as little as possible, just for work mostly.