Wednesday, March 23, 2011


hello, finally I have passed that first milestone....good grief.  But this is 5 pounds that will not be back....I will tell you that.
I am in my 5th week of the new Weight Watcher's, and I have finally hit 5 pounds.  I can not say that I am not impatient and wanting these pounds to melt off quicker....because I am!  I finally got it thru my head at this last meeting, that I am NOT going to lose like I used too....I honestly think my body likes this weight, probably feels good and squishy on the  But it has to go. 
My leader reviewed my journal and said I was not eating enough...go figure.  I am eating all of my points, but the choices are not the best, need more protein!  And I am not eating the 49 reserved points.  So this week, a new week....I will eat more protein and drink more water and use those points.  Also need to bump up the heart rate.  I am walking and at a good pace, but apparently my body is now used to it.  And I will incorporate weights...So hopefully the next 5 will come quicker....
But still no need for anti-depressants and I am thrilled for that.  I am embracing the emotions I feel again....and the pople I love are forced to as well, because it doesn't take much to cry...


  1. You're doing well and will continue to progress, I can just feel it!!!

    As for that photo of 5 lbs. of fat...ugh!!!!!

  2. at least I picked on with a flower, lol!!!!