Monday, February 7, 2011


As I sit here this morning, worried beyond worried, waiting for the vet to call me back after seeing Rocky.  I am humbled by the love of a friend...On this day, a day when I needed to feel something magic....I do.
I haven't mentioned yet on my blog, our furry Rocky 10 on the Valentines Day isn't well.  He has been having pain and didn't want to jump up and off furniture and over the few days has gotten worse.  I called the vet gave him some meds...and we went in this morning.  My poor boy is in great pain...Before I got home, the vet called and said he needed to sedate him for xrays, his pain is to great.  Now I wait.  Broken hearted, fearing the loss of my dog. (anxiety sucks!!!!!)

So Steve called to me and said "you have a package from Vermont".

One thought in my head, Melonie.  You see,  Melonie (Studio27) and I have never met, but she is an art sister...and I know and admire her from Etsy.  I was so happy to open this package and find one of her famous Goddess Books.  I wont share my note from her, lol, but she knew I was going through some you my reader also knows, with anxiety and meds...  Bless her heart, she gifted this to me as a special surprise.  And it is... on THIS day, I needed this.  This is a God thing.... So thank you Melanie...from the bottom of my have made my day with your wonderful act of kindness.  love you xo


  1. I have found that whenever I need an answer, or support it is always provided in the most unexpected of ways. All we have to do is seek it.

    I will be praying for you and your puppy!

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. Awe... So sweet of you Mel. Kathy is very deserving of our love!!!!

  3. What a sweet story! I hope your furry friend is ok too.

  4. I am saying prayers for Rocky, our pets ae part of our family and I know how heart wrenching it is to se them go through any pain. Keep us posted. Melan'e's bok is wonderful...enjoy.


  5. Kathy please keep us all posted on how poor Rocky is. It's torture to see our pets in pain, and for us to be so worried about them. I certainly understand. Keeping you and Rocky in my thoughts~~~

  6. Friends are so comforting. Hoping everything ok Kathy, it's tough worrying about our furballs kids.