Tuesday, February 8, 2011


OK, so yesterday was a totally emotional; day...emotional overload I call it.  While I was waiting for the vet's call back, I looked at my Nook cover and found a mark on the leather I couldn't remove...OK, so ALTER it.
This is what the cover looked like: (this is the back)
I used some linens I like, and a very special jewelry piece.  It was a choker I have had in my vintage shop for awhile, no takers...so cut it up I did....must have been the emotion, lol.
WIP 1/2 done
love my Nook, wish it was the new Color Nook....


  1. Love what you did to the Nook, very creative Kathy! We're all waiting to hear about Rocky.

    Sending love!

  2. LOVE the altered cover!!! I tend to grab the chocolate when I'm stressed!

  3. You did really good, this is now a treasure, so good. I know how much our pets mean to us, I will be waiting to know about Rocky. Hugs, Mary