Monday, November 1, 2010


I like a lot of my blogging friends have decided to have a THANKFUL month of November. Day 1 until Thanksgiving Day…I will post and give thanks. Might be meaningful, heartfelt or maybe that day even silly. I challenge you to do the same, if only on a piece of paper.

Nov. 1
My friends! For all of my friends but mostly my “unconditional friends”. Now these friends some I have never laid eyes on in person, but they are deep within my heart and I know that under any circumstances, they are there for me. Through these last 2 months, I have been made to realize that not all are unconditional. And that is ok; I still will call you my friend, because I will try to be your unconditional friend, always. Friends do come and go, sadly…. Steve and I have missed some important things we wanted to do, (his brother is visiting at the end of this week, and would loved to have shown him a great time in NOLA) Our lives’ have changed and we must do things differently until Dr.’s tell us otherwise. If you do not understand this, I am sorry. I hope you or your family never will have to go through what we have…1st my mom, then my husband…but I will guarantee you that IF you have a life event like this, YOU will understand. And now I have written it twice and will put it behind me.
Your friend

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  1. ♥ you know exactly what to be grateful for in your life...and I know you will never forget xo