Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hi everyone~
Just as I was trying to get back to blogging after being away for so long with my mom’s open heart surgery….we find through a series of everyday tests, that my 50 year old husband Steve was having heart problems as well. After tests and seeing a cardiac doctor he was urged to get an angiogram, results were….by-pass surgery! WHAT, how can this be happening? AGAIN….

You just never know which path you will be asked to go down, and the lessons learned are always so welcomed and gratitude pours from your soul. I have always believed in everything happens for a reason and I believe that more and more each day.

Steve had 2 blocked arteries at 100%, and one at 60%. He never had a symptom and was told he had 2 heart attacks or events. Crazy….thank God for a Dr. asking for a stress test. Now he is, no WAS a smoker…but heart disease runs through both sides of his family, as does mine. So much of this was genetic as well as effects from smoking. He was operated on Friday Oct. 22, and much to our surprised released Monday evening. He has done fabulous; praise God and his Dr.’s. He is at home for about 3 months since he works offshore, he goes back to the surgeon in 2 weeks. He is walking and doing little things, unable to drive or ride for that matter. He is not one to sit around, so this is bothering him a bit. I am trying to not hover over him and give him some space…lol. I came very close to losing my best friend and neither of us knew it. I am so grateful to everyone for thoughts and prayers and friendship! I feel like one luck girl…

I hope to be back with more good news soon, and maybe some art too. I just wanted to catch y’all up….if you haven’t all left me already. I plan to blog hop tonight, so see ya soon…..
Blessing to each and every one of you.


  1. Sorry to hear that life's been a bit too dramatic...hoping things will calm down now and it will be smooth sailing for a good long time. Take care of yourself as well!

  2. I'm so thankful your mom is doing well and that your husband caught his problem in time.
    Following my bypass 9 years ago, my sisters and mom were checked. One sister and my mom discovered they too had heart problems. Both were grateful for the doctor's recommendation that they be checked. Sadly my mom died 5 years ago, in part from her congestive heart failure, but my sister is still clicking along fine.

    I'll keep you all in my prayers. Take care of that husband of yours and treasure all the extra years you'll have together. Yes, all things happen for a reason.

  3. Take care Kathy, it's difficult to change long standing lifestyle habits, but the great thing is the changes open new doors of opportunities that alter not just health habits but bring new adventures, kinda nice after years of doing the same things. Enjoy the rest of your new life!!

  4. Kathy,
    I'm so glad your dh (and Mom) are o.k. It's a nasty thing that heart disease! Glad it was caught in your art!

  5. Healing prayers and very best wishes to your mother and husband and you too dear Kathy. You've been through a lot!!!
    Take good care my friend!

  6. Kathy, glad to hear that everyone is now doing well. Now I am going to be a nagging nellie & say remember to take care of yourself too :)

    Hope this new month holds only good things for you & yours.