Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, since I am no longer working (letting it go) I got up early with the hub's and started planning my day. I wish I could tell you I walked, I didn't. Baby steps here...ok?
I did some housework, planned dinner for 3-4 nights and went to the grocery to buy the ingredients. Now this is something I would promise myself I would do, and given that I have begun with 3-4 days, no big deal. Again, baby steps.
Then I decided to do something else I have decided to do, my own hair coloring. Yikes, scary!!!! I am trying to save some money when I can, and I can not see spending 85.00 ever 6 weeks on my color. How hard can it be? hahhahaha
Ok, I got all of my products, $8.46.  Tonight I will get hub's to help me with the back.
Then on the way home I thought, well maybe a little treat.  I am really watching what I eat...but some frozen yogurt can't hurt, right?
Do you have this?  Have you heard of it?  So many to choose from, low fat, sugar free, gluten free, regular good old full fat....
My choice of flavors were a little layer of peanut butter on the bottom, followed by yummy, yummy cake batter.  Topped off with the graham crucker crumbs, heaven!  No I didn't put the (bad) things on it, and they have a full bar full of it, including hot toppings...~drool.
I will let you know how the color goes....fingers crossed.... *wink*


  1. That was fun to go step by step thru your day.. and all the pics to boot! Hope you enjoyed your yogurt, the last pic looks at little like something else? anyone else notice that?? kinda stright up and skinny, so sad!!!LOL!!!???? Can;t wait to hear about the hair.. look at the $$ saved already... now just make sure you give a chance.... love you :)

  2. Wow does it really cost 85.00? That's a lot. I haven't been to a stylist in years. My color is natural and my husband trims my ends and I do my bangs. I am sorta low maintenance in that respect.

    I am sure your hair will look just lovely.

    Now I want some yogurt! XD

  3. Okay, you made me immediately Google menchie's! And we don't have one in Houston yet. I love the idea of doing it yourself!

  4. Hiya sis~
    Kelly, yes it does, and your a lucky gal! Even before I had to color (early gray), I colored...
    Oh, it is so good. Your like me, hot on that Google button.

  5. Ooo that Menchies looks like fun. We dont' have anything like that around here. Maybe that's good thing since I'm low carbing it these days. heehee

    Thanks for your really sweet ocmment you left on the blog Kathy! You made my day!