Thursday, August 12, 2010


I did it, I had a time of it...but I did it.
I did fret a bit, as the color changed to DARK, very dark and I was afraid this was not a medium blonde.  Well, it is much darker than I expected, the older highlights do come through in the sunlight....and I know it will fade a bit with washings and sunshine.  All and all, I am happy with the results and I am thrilled with the money saved.  So for now, I will be my own colorist~


  1. Looks great! (freshurbanvintage)

  2. It looks great! If I tried to dye my hair I would probably dye one eyebrow or something along with it! *Giggles*

    Hugs, Kelly

  3. It looks great Kathy! and you are right, it will fade. If you want to hurry it up, use baby shampoo. My sister is a beautician and she said the PH is so harsh that it will help "lift" the color. Strange that it's so soothing to the eyes, but it works, I've done it. I have to much red in my hair and if I use the over the counter colors it always comes out funkified! But yours looks great, or maybe it's just the beautiful face that it frames! Hugz my friend ~~