Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, here I am three weeks into my diet. I started out with drive and good intentions. I have leveled off into, just getting by. Squeaking by managing to drop a bit weekly, but am I focused? NO... So each week I am renewed in my intentions and hopeful for a good week.

I have been reflecting lately and I think some of my anxiety symptoms are returning, or have they never gone far? Who knows... I wish there was a pill to take to "live in the moment". I have a true desire to do so, but I can never wrap my mind around it. I do know people who can do it, and I envy that, so much. I live in my head... and wish to get out of my head sometimes. So I carry on and try to make the changes I wish to change. If there is a self help book for doing so, please let me know!


  1. Sounds like me! I take refuge in crafts because I need something to escape in...

  2. Sending hugs - hope you have a good day! Love the photo. Looks like such a restful spot

  3. Anxiety is such a common factor in our lives these days. And there is a pill you can take to "live in the moment". Or to help you live in the moment and not allow all the negatives to pile up.

    When I was almost finished all my cancer treatment I hit a brick wall...I felt overwhelmed by my life. Talked to my doctor who prescribed Effexor. I take 75 mgs. a day and it truly helps. I feel more evenly balanced, I don't let little things upset me and it helps me stay in the moment.

    I learned with the Effexor and a lot of cognitive thinking to be in the moment. The possibility, the very real possibility of not being alive through cancer helped me. But it needn't be something drastic that puts us in that place. It's a resolve that no matter what, this day is the only one that matters. One step at a time, one minute at a time. Looking only at what I'm doing right now and not which I will be doing in an hour or what I "should" be doing in an hour (I've removed should from my vocabulary)...all of that has helped me in immeasurable ways. I hope it will help you and if you want to talk about it further...just give me a shout. ♥ xo

  4. Found You! I bought your wonderful old wood bowl from your Etsy shop and it arrived today, Kathy it is just lovely, I LOVE it! Thankyou so much for your lovely little card and the magnetic paper clip is just too adorable! I am off now to your etsy shop to leave you feedback, Blessings Karen

  5. Kathy:

    What you wrote in this post...every single word of it, is exactly how I feel right now. Right this moment to be exact. :(

    Gerushia's New World

  6. We should start a club...I too have this problem, and I do take meds to help. I like others find crafts help. I could write a bood on this subject...but not today.
    You are not alone, Mary