Monday, August 20, 2012

Feeling blessed...

Hello Friends...I know it has been a long time, have my followers gone?  I sure would like to get back to blogging.

I have a few things to share.  I actually have a lot I would love to write about...all in time.  I have shared many things about my life with my readers.  I have been on journeys and made strides...and had losses...but I am in constant movement FORWARD.  Not back, onward...

In a recent chat with a friend, after a Zumba we shared many things about our lives, and shared our hearts.  I was telling my friend, I am trying so hard, to let go of worry.  My husband and I have had some pretty serious health scares recently, and of course the worry with my parents who live far from me.  Just life, when it gets hard and sometimes scary, we all know that feeling.  I do have ways to make things better... I still am very active in my yoga practice...mediation, ect...but when I try to "Let Go, Let God"... I just didn't 'feel' anything.  Just the worry and fears.  As my friend shared her relationship with God, we both cried.  She told me in a very gentle and loving way, she felt maybe this was a missing piece of my puzzle.  She asked me to join her, in her church and just see how it felt.  Well, I went away, she went away... and finally, I went.  I was nervous and a bit overwhelmed.  The church is huge, and we attended a contemporary service so there was music and videos and just the size of the church was something foreign to me.  The little church I attended as a child, could fit in one row of pews.  But, I felt the pastor was talking directly to me, as he preached.  I do know now, the day in the gym studio... sitting on the floor with my friend was a gentle nudge for me.  A whisper, and I feel it very strongly.  I am ever so grateful that I was quiet enough and aware enough to realize that this was God working.  I have had two Dear friends, share their love of God with me, so grateful.

I am new to this, I wasn't raised attending regular church service.  I do not feel you must attend church to believe in God.  But, for me right now, I feel this is what I am meant to do.  A new journey...xo.


  1. Keeping an open mind and an open heart. Finding solace and comfort within the walls, being touched by a pastor's words...being with others who are seeking the same thing...the comfort of belonging and sharing that love. ♥

  2. I believe you are going to find so much peace, Kathy.