Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Multi-Grain Tortilla's...Love them

A healthy (mainly) lunch.
These tortilla's are so good, nutty and a bit crunchy from time to time.
And yes, I hoard the honey mustard sauce from Chicfila.  And so do they, you have to ask for extra and it usually is 1...I make myself only use half.  ~sigh
I added turkey and baby swiss cheese.
The itty bittiest bit of olive oil, in my green ceramic skillet Steve wanted to try...Don't bother...not great.  I picked one up at Walmart in the "As seen on TV", area.  It isn't bad with oil or Pam...but when they show the eggs freely sliding around, NOPE...not gonna happen.  And the "green" is coming off in places already.
Add a little Ceasar salad, and lunch is ready...


  1. Putting these on my shopping list, looks delicious. I am glad you mentioned that about the green pans, when something looks to good to be true it usually is. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to try this yummy stuff!!!

  2. mmmmmm....I'd love one, thanks!