Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet Key Necklace

I saw that my friend Heather, had shown a link from her Etsy shop, Bluhm Studio .  I spied these wonderful necklaces, made by Heather and her daughter Hannah.  I had to have one...I am not one for wearing "art type" necklaces, but this one stole my heart. And look at the package, so cute I didn't want to open it.
Hannah has her own business cards, and wrote a personal thank you on the back, so sweet.
Here is the pretty necklace, thank you Heather...and Hannah!  I am going to take it to the city with me today...
 I will be spending a couple days with my hubby, who is working in the city this week.  I plan some time by the rooftop pool with my Nook, weather and humidity permitting...and some fun with my camera, in the French Quarter.


  1. Hannah has Heather's eye for art!! Enjoy your time in the city and I hope the weather cooperates in spades!! xoxo

  2. Have a wonderful time...it's nice having the Nook, I have one also. I am going to make a cover for it. Love the Key neckles, it is eye catching for sure. hugs, Mary

  3. Ooo this is very beautiful!! Enjoy wearing it and have a wonderful time.

  4. Kathy - what a gorgeous necklace! I think it is a treasure for sure!