Monday, December 12, 2011

to whom it may concern....oh, that's me image
 Dear fitness God...I noticed that I am finally shrinking...hips down. Now do tell me, when might I expect to see some shrinking in the belly region? I faithfully come to the gym, mostly 5 days a week... and have pretty much given up my beloved wine, unless a special occasion creeps up!!!! Work with me here, not touching that scale, going by inches...I have come to far to get pissy over a number on the scale. Next we will talk about my flabby arms....

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  1. I love this image!! And well done you on your dedication and commitment! I love that you don't care about the # on a scale but are thinking more about inches and loss. I'm so proud of you!!! xo More importantly, I can tell you YOU are proud of YOU and that matter more than anything else!!! xo