Sunday, December 4, 2011

finally some art...

I have really missed creating, but didn't feel the "nudge" to do it...I wondered it I would ever feel it again.  I guess when your mind is occupied, and spirits are low...things just take some time.
But yesterday, I had 2 custom journals to make for a family member...and once I got going, my muse came too.  So I have wanted to get some greeting cards in my shop, but I also wanted to paint, and this is what I came up with...  FUN!
I think I might have stepped over a little wall I might have built...hee!

I am also working in my Etsy shop, with the help of my friend Carol, I am trying to wrap my mind around RELEVANCY...Lordy B!  I have re-worked title and tags...and one day I had such a spike in views I nearly fell off my chair.  I did have a sale from a new customer, but I have a stagnant shop, and need to get some new things in there.  I am a bit hopeful, the work is hard and mind numbing....(lol) but I saw the results of at least being noticed and searched.  So we shall see...
I wish you all a wonderful Sunday, xo


  1. I like the new direction in which your art is moving...sometimes it only needs a gentle nudge and our muse is back where it belongs. Those little rests make a big difference. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday as well! xo

  2. These new pieces are so very sweet! I love them! I too am lost with the "relevancy" on etsy! I have yet to figure it out. lol Glad to hear you had some help and it brought a sale! :)

  3. Kathy, how sweet of you to mention me..... You will get the hang of relevancy, don't give up. And your art muse will come back to you, fear not!!