Wednesday, November 23, 2011

second chances

In this time of Thanksgiving...
I am thankful for: second chances...

"Develop a positive attitude and awareness.  Expect the best and look for the good.  Become conscious of opportunities and very often you will find them right under your nose.  Second chances can be quiet and disguised -- one has to be on the lookout for them."
 Let Go + Positive Attitude + Perseverance = Second Chances

I find myself still very much in transition, or something!  I have tried to be quiet and take a break, but find myself  going back to the things I feel I thought I needed a break from.  So maybe after all, I do not need the break.
I worry so much about my parents and their recovery at home...they are moving forward but still much stress for them both.  I feel unconnected, out of the loop but in my heart I know a visit right now is not a good thing.  Soon, I hope...
I miss my Rocky, so much.  It is close to a month now, that he has been gone and some days it feels like yesterday.  I still look for him and I know my other two dogs do as well, I just miss his silly face...
I worried I was headed towards Depression...I went to see my Dr.  We talked and discussed the fact that life has been hard the past year, I had done well without any anxiety medication, January will be a year I am without it.  He didn't think now was the time to go back on a medication, maybe counseling would be a better fit.  I agreed.  I can not see anyone until Dec. 9th, eeekkkk.  So I look forward to this new path, I want to be happy...I want to quit worrying...I can not let negative people bring me down further...Yes, I have a lot of "wants"...
On a very positive note, I have kept up a good routine of going to the gym.  I am up to 60 minutes of cardio and I am working up to the weight machine routines.  I feel so much better when I go to the gym, and have even entertained the idea of going twice a day...(I live very close)
AND I tuned 50, there I said it!!!!
So here is to second chances... xo


  1. Life is full of second chances...some we don't even realize we are on such a good path right now...think of all those positive endorphins from time spent at the gym, floating around in your body...that can only be good!! ♥

  2. Wishing you a special Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!!Going to the gym is good, I always felt good after going to Cardiac Rehab when I was going. Believe me if I lived closer I would go do some working out. Some of the things you are experiencing is only human nature and we all do it. Of course you worry about your parents and of course you miss Rocky. You have had a lot to deal with this past year but look how much you grew and look how much strength you gained. I have seen the changes in you and I have heard them. Sweet Kathy, you are much stronger than you are my hero!!!! xo

  3. Kathy...nearly a whole year without that medication and you are doing SOOOO well!!!! I think that counselling will be really beneficial. I have found it extremely helpful in the past and would not hesitate to go back if I needed to.
    Your gym routine is going so well too! Be proud of have much inner strength...more than you realise.