Thursday, November 10, 2011

art for my soul... step 1

My art shop is on vacation, for how long, I do not know...When it feels right I will re-open it possibly with lots of new artwork.  For now, I am enjoying it closed, a break...we all need a break sometimes.  I will keep my vintage shop open, as I do enjoy the hunt for things to put in it...oh, and treasures for me too.
I started a new mini journal, I love these Strathmore Visual Journals, 90 lb paper for mixed well for me.  I had to create a front and back cover, just can't stand the feeling of a "naked" journal.  So I have a few sketches inside and I learned a new watercolor pencil technique watching Lori's tutorials... (post below)
A new journey I am on, seeking my calm...


  1. New journeys can be frustrating...but new journeys where we are following our bliss? Exciting!!!

  2. Kathy you can take a cover of a journal and make it a beautiful piece of artwork....your art does speak from your soul!!!xoxoxo