Friday, September 30, 2011

catching up on sleep...

I am not a fan of Garfield or cats, but this seemed fitting to me when looking for a photo.
I have been sleeping pretty well when at mom and dad's..but I guess the running and all the busy days just caught up with me.  I felt like I could sleep all day, of course I didn't... but I did have a wee nap yesterday and then slept well last night.  Good to be home and in our bed, but still many thoughts to come in and out of my mind.  Now I do feel refreshed.  And now I am trying to find my routine again...
And I am wanting to create, I promise myself to do something steps to get back into my muse here?  I don't feel her lurking around right now.... hmmmm.
Etsy shops are re-opened and I had 2 wee sales already, that was encouraging, I thought I would be buried deep in the Etsy searches...  Not telling what they have done while I was gone?
See y'all soon, catching up slowly....xo

1 comment:

  1. Being able to sleep when away is great, but when you get into your own space and your own bed your body just knows to "let go" and that is when good, deep sleep will happen. Might even take you a few days to catch up as you get back into the swing of your own life.

    Your muse is there...she just needs a gentle nudge!!! xo