Friday, July 29, 2011

a short story

So, I had a wonderful time creating backgrounds on some journals earlier today.  One of my favorite "tools" is baby wipes...and did I have a bunch in the trash!
One of the furries seemed to be missing, so after dinner I went up to my art room and this is what I saw...
So, I see someone was wanting some pretty baby wipes to munch on...I thought it was all fun and games, till I saw THIS~
 So, now suddenly not so funny.  Wonder who did this?  Know it wasn't Bella, Cisco likes paper products...but the eyes told me who it was....
Maybe if I try to help get rid of the paint stains, she won't be to mad at me...
No, I don't think she is mad, I see her bringing that "magic" bottle, and that usually does the trick... "I AM getting dirty looks though".
It worked, stains out...lesson learned.
I should stay out of the trash can, and SHE should not leave those yummy paint covered baby wipes in there...


  1. I need some of that stuff. JJ is constantly leaving "yellow" stains everywhere. But I love her to much to get rid of her. So we will make do with cement if I have to.

    I love when you can tell by looking at them which one did they deed. They know what they did! LOL

  2. oh oh!!! The guilty party at least stayed at the scene of the crime and didn't do a "hit and run". Thank heavens for stain removers!!!

  3. Oh are so lucky that came out. I've used that product before and I remember it worked very well! Didn't think it would take out paint, though!

    Hope your feeling great tonight and your air-conditioning is doing it's thing!

    Gerushia's New World ♥