Wednesday, July 20, 2011

out with the old...

So, in some past posts I have shared that I no longer find some of the things I treasured the most...desired any longer.  I spoke of getting rid of some things and sending them to the consignment shop I go to...sending more to Goodwill and thrift shops.  This continues, even more so now...I try to understand this change and I am a bit baffled by it.  So I quit trying to understand it.
My mixed media art began with vintage photographs, always!  There was an image in every piece.  Then as artists, we change a bit and sometimes a photo wasn't always necessary. But I stayed in that mode for about 3 years, by the way, I still enjoy that too.  But as you have seen a new direction has enveloped me.

 Here are a few, just a few...a sampling of what I am selling.  I thought I would always love these photos, and want them around me.  But something has changed, and I know longer want them around me.  Do they represent the past?  Not MY past of course, I don't know these people...but somehow I wonder if my desire to move forward and make some changes to my "self" has prompted me to let someone else love them now.  hmmm, don't know.
The ones that still speak to me are packed up and I will keep them, for now.  I have scanned mostly all of them, if I need them for an art piece I will have them... for now it is just stuff to me.  Things I no longer want to hold on to.
I have been working hard the last few days in my vintage shop, Remember Yesterday.  I am offering sets of 4 mostly, groupings...and for a very good price as well.  I know there are still many collectors out there, and hopefully someone will love them again. a good thing!


  1. From where I sit...comparing what you loved to do (and still do), vs. what you are doing've come from the darkness to the light. The old photographs weigh heavily (the clothing, the faces...very sombre) and the new art you are creating is light and feathery and free.

    It's as if something in your spirit has been loosened and you are feeling confident enough in yourself to express what you feel inside vs. creating something with pieces.

    Whatever you create is beautiful...always was, always will be! xo

  2. why oh why does it all make perfect sense when you point things out to me? oh wait, I know, because you know me so well... sometimes before I know it myself, xo. It is true, I had so many primitives and antique pieces, that did feel very "heavy" and made me sad somehow... I can see that. I want to surround myself with "pretty" and things that lift my spirit. Some are still old, well used things, but different somehow. I get it, yep, I get it. You are a treasure that I will always keep Sherry.

  3. I don't think I've ever done a mixed media piece with a vintage photo! What a FUN idea!! I love these...they are so beautiful!