Thursday, July 14, 2011

150 by 50...

yes, it is true...I have set a goal for myself.  A real, attainable goal...I haven't done this for years.  Can that be true?  Yes, I think it is.
While we were driving from Pa., I had so much time to ponder.  Many things ran through my mind, to many really.  But the number one thing was, "how are you feeling?"  My answer was "could be better";...I will soon (November 18th) be turning 50, Holy Crap, how can that be?  eeekkk...
I have had this extra weight for close to 4 years now, sometimes less than others.  I have lost about 10-12 pounds over that past few months, but have not been 100% on board with a "lifestyle" change.  It is time to get serious and reach my goal of 150.  I do think I will be ok with this weight, now it seems like a huge milestone, but really it shouldn't be.  I have 4  It is a goal, I hope to reach it... At one time I would say 135...those days are over. I am not looking for skinny, just healthy...
Hopefully you will be hearing some reports soon...
Let's do this, please share one tip for healthy eating...
My newest observation is, I quit eating when I am no longer enjoying every bite, wow...this makes a big difference.  I am not saying waste food, but a few left over bites, is nice.  Oh and I ALWAYS use a salad plate.


  1. yeah for you sister! i know how those pounds creep on. i have gained 20 pounds since last oct. trying to take it off, but as i get older, it gets harder! xo

  2. I am so over wanting to be skinny. Just give me healthy and let me feel good! My tip would be don't deprive yourself of anything but learn to have less of it and have it less often. Good luck reaching your goal!

  3. This is a great goal to have. The two tips you shared are a great place to start (or even to go back to if it's something you used to do but stopped doing). Carbs for me are turning out to be a problem and I hope to cut out more of those, not all but more. And drinking water. I used to drink 8 glasses a day and then fell off that wagon. So I'm going back to it. Drinking water before eating helps to make me feel "fuller" so I want to eat less. Looking forward to hearing about your progress over the next 4 months! You can do it!!! xo

  4. Hey Kathy, Have you tried My Fitness Pal. It is an online weight loss program and pretty successful I think. I just got on it a week ago but you might want to check it out.

  5. How did I miss this post.!!
    I am joining weightwatchers online on Monday!!!! (25th July) and intend to lose 35lb by Christmas.
    I've done weightwatcher before - many years ago, and know it works for me and is a health way to lose weight. There will be much less of us in a few months then Kathy!!! Good luck!