Tuesday, June 21, 2011

nothing like buying art supplies

 ah, nothing like a few hours strolling the isles for art supplies.  Well, maybe shopping the Coach outlet... I am not a fashionesta by no means.  I do like purses, clothes NOT my thing.  But give me art supplies, a trip to Office Depot or a few hours in Barnes and Noble...and I am good to go.
I am enrolled in She Art as you know, and I find myself without some of those supplies.  I KNOW, I didn't believe it either.  I am not a fan of Mod Podge, but I am going to give it a go...(bought gloss, wrong..taking it back today for matte)...paper I have, lace and trims I have...ephemera out the wazoo...but I am in need of some rub-ons and stamps...that kink of stuff.  But that didn't stop me from buying MORE paper, did it?  My newest obsession is Caran D'ache Neocolor crayons...(at the checkout I realized) I lost my Hobby Lobby coupon in the store somewhere...so I will go back today for those.  Printed off 2 coupons, one to spare.  (where is my head sometimes, I am such the ditz) 
And guess what?  It is raining...nice gloomy, stormy thunderous day...just what I like, and what Miss B (chihuahua) fears....I almost forgot the sound of falling rain....music to our ears in the dry NOLA area.


  1. I can't wait to see what you create from your class! :) Love the blog!!!

  2. Hate when I forget my coupons! wish we could get a little of your rain. Can't wait to see whet you make.

    thanks for commenting on "Tot Mom" sorry, couldn't resist since you hate that! Wow, I sure have opened a can of worms with the whole Casey Anthony trial


  3. Hi Kathy,
    Oh my gosh, I've probably seen you at Hobby Lobby and didn't know it! The thunder is so loud here in the parish and the dog and cat and I are scared to death! lol I hope it passes soon!

  4. P.S. I forgot you've got a Michael's near you!

  5. One can NEVER have too many art supplies!!! I'm so bad for that -- buying, buying, falling in love with. *sigh* Aren't those caran d'ache amazing??? Expensive yes, but worth it.

    I've also bought a lot of things from Christy's shop and she often has good sales so if you don't get her newsletter, do sign up! I know she's having a free shipping offer right now if you spend $30 and how easy is it to spend that??? hee!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful art!

  6. @SHERRY SMYTH...GOSH I LOVE THE CARAN D'ACHE! AAAHHHH. They are so amazing. I'm more a brush freak though. I buy new brushes even when I don't need them. It's very important that I have separate brushes for every wet media, especially ones made solely for oil painting.

    And when I find cool random things to paint on.

    Paper rolls, cloth. etc.

    PS. Kathy, I'm in Toronto, and it's supposed to be all thundery- that means chinese food, beer, and lot's of painting :)