Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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So excited to share...I am officially having a re-vamping of my blog.  Heather of Bluhm Studios, is working to breathe new life in my blog...well, the look of it anyways...the other part is my job.  I have seen 3 examples, and sent a few revisions, and can't make up my mind on 2 designs.  Decisions are so hard for me...and sometimes the more choices, well the harder the decision.  I plan to dive in to my blog and really get back to visiting...and posting.  
Am I missing Facebook?  Nope, not really....I am chopping down my massive friend list, in case I do decide to go back to it, but actually...not missing it at all.  We shall see, to be decided....?


  1. Sometimes having too many choices CAN make it difficult but when you see what you love and it "sings" for you, then you know you've got exactly what you want. I'm looking forward to the big reveal!!

    I'm still trying to decide exactly what I want on the moment I'm totally entrenched in getting the MIL's house ready to go on the market (photographer shows up at 10 a.m. Monday!! eek!!!) and then I can think about "moi"!! xo

  2. I love your blog, Kathy! It's well as your art!
    I just started Soul Restoration 2~ I see your button on your blog..did you take SR 1 or 2?