Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yesterday my friend and I went on a road trip to Picayune Mississippi, to an estate sale.  Of course when they two of us get together we have fun...many laughs and special memories.  It was not a big sale we did manage to find some things though.  Then we ventured out to some antique and thrift shops.  Bought a few more things there.  I want to show you my prized treasure....

Of course me being the dog lover that I am, I noticed this right away....then I saw 30% off, then I saw the little girl and her untied shoe and dolly in her hand....yep, I had to have it.  Is she not just precious, look at her sweet face.  I am sure I will have a piece of art with them as the inspiration, real soon.


  1. really cute find - thanks for sharing

  2. This print hung for many years above my daughter's bed. She looked much like the little girl only with brown hair and our dog was a Newfoundland as in the picture. She had leaned on our dog much like this many times. --great memories!