Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I decided to stop into one of my favorite thrift shops, Habitat for Humanity.  They had tables and tables of Christmas items.  I quickly scanned them didn't see much went to the frames and something told me to go back for a second look.  Well I found this, a bag FULL of gold ornaments.

When I say this bag was loaded, I am not kidding.  Right away the birdcages caught my eye, ASSEMBLAGES my minds eye screamed.  Then I saw the spider webs....then the crosses...so I decided to buy it.  I was like a kid and brought it home and dumped it on the table... take a peek...
12 Days of Christmas Brass Ornaments
Glass Icicles
Real glittered sand dollars
This is just a sample of the things in there....I have saved the best to show later....oh and I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the loot.  But I did start to create with some of it and some of it I am putting in my Etsy shop and GREAT prices to share with my friends.

And here are a few things I have made with them....so far.  A good find for sure, very happy with this trip to the thrift store.


  1. Hi Kathy...I'm sooo jealous of your very cool treasure!LOL....and what you are doing with them,how fun.....It so looks like you are gettin ready for the Holidays!....Lovin your creations!....:)virginia

  2. This is a great find...you know how our minds work, I just know you have the wheels turning and soon I will see a creation. Hugs, Mary