Sunday, October 10, 2010


WINNER IS #6!!!!!!

Hello and happy Sunday to all. I am going to promote this in the Etsy forums so hopefully I will get some replies and opinions. Many of my art friends sell on Etsy or other sites, I would love your input as well.

Do you like to see a shop, or run your shop…with 100 items, more or less? I am 1 away from 100 and I always thought I would want my shop to have 1-3 pages…now I am creeping up to 5. Is this to much? What do you think? I know there is no “magic number” but in these days of slow sales…I am curious.

Leave me a comment with your opinion and you are in the drawing for my little give away. The little altered tin, Treasures below. Winner will be drawn next Sunday! Make sure you leave me an email addy or shop or blog link… thanks everyone.


  1. Of all the thing that I've read on Etsy is you should have as much product as possible for the shopper to look at and spend time in your Etsy shop.

    I'm sure thats why I don't have as many sales as other Etsy sellers. That why I'm promote my October Anniversary sale as much as possbile.

    Maybe you can take a look at my shop and offer some suggestion as to what else I can do to boost my sales.

    Here are two links one to my shop and the other on Etsy on Sale
    Stella (aka Kraftii1)

  2. I dont think 100 items are too many ! With the shop sections it makes it easy for a buyer to check out the things they are interested in. Better to have too many items to choose from , than not enought !!!! And if someone really likes a shop they may purchase more at one time also !! Just my opinion !
    The Little Things

  3. I really like a shop with about 100 items even. I especially love categories though! It makes it so much easier to jump around even with a ton of items!

  4. Seems like a pretty good number. I honestly never notice the #s. I also tend to search the shop sections if there are more than 2 or 3 pages.

    Love your tin, by the way

  5. I've never understood that "certain" number either and agree with Stacey. Finding less than 20 though, gives me a biased first opinion that always hits me in the face when I come into a shop like that..... that the seller doesn't take their shop seriously...and that's bad on my part....'specially since I find it hard to keep a large inventory in my own shops.

    Cool tin, what you do with them!

  6. That box is dreamy!

  7. Hi Kathy, found you on the Etsy forums and can I just say, I have a soft spot for the things you make! I like shabby chic vintage style salvaged items. :)

    I like shops to have more than 100 items if the things are different.

    e.g. A crochet shop would interest me if it had 5 pages of various kinds of crochet wear (scarves, hats, pouches, bags, mittens) in various colors.
    If a shop only sells earrings and has 100of them listed, I think someone went a little kkkrazy or they must be REALLY easy to make.

    So that's my 2 cents. :)

    fivestonesvintage at gmail dot com

  8. WINNER IS: Marzipan #6
    Thanks for commenting everyone.

  9. Kathy, thanks so much! I can't wait! I know just where to put it! : }