Saturday, June 19, 2010


Oh boy, do I hate scales. I am addicted to jumping on the scale and it isn’t pretty.

I am in my 11th week of Weight Watchers now, and I have lost 11 pounds. eekkkkk... Gone are the days when I would weigh in and see 2 pounds, 3 pounds, 1.5 pounds. I might lose 2 one week, then gain .8...very un-nerving. BUT, low and behold I am 48 years old and I am I take an anti-depressant for anxiety and I am not as active as I should be. Woe is me.

I had a good talk with my leader; she looked at my food journal and said, "Where are the fruits and vegetables?" I am hit or miss with them; fruit is easier for me but hidden in a smoothie most times. So last week I did eat more, and my loss was .2. Big whoop! Then we talked about diet drinks, guilty as charged. Splenda is my friend and I use it way to much. This week I challenge myself to cold turkey the Splenda and I started to use Agave Nectar. Not bad... So this week we shall see what happens. It took 3 years to gain these 25 pounds, and I guess I should realize it will take a good while to come off at this age. But it still sucks. I see the loss in inches, in my clothes...but darn if I can accept the scale not showing it. I think I will take it in the back yard and bury it. Ok, rant over....


  1. Ack! As soon as I saw that scale I wanted to run away!! : )

  2. Hi Kathy. Thanks for stopping by -I haven't been blog hopping in forever! I do have photos to share but Father's Day weekend is putting me behind schedule. I'm also hoping to get a full list of the vendors so I can link to them. Hope to have it posted soon

  3. Hey sweetie!
    Well, you have more nerve than I do when it comes to a scale---no matter what I weight. LOL Keep up the great work and just keep on truckin'! xo...deb