Saturday, May 8, 2010


Well, alas the time has come. My hubby Steve has turned 50, yep half a the AARP card in the mail....of course this doesn't phase him at, in 2 years I will not being saying that I don't think. His birthday is today the 8th, but we celebrated early last Sunday.
I quickly knew I had to pull something off for this event. All of our family is in Pa., except for his brother and his girls... but we have grown to hold our friends very close to our I gathered as many as I could, and had a surprise party for his at a local Mexican place.

He was thrilled with his cane, with all the bells and whistles.
Steve and our 2 neices, Megan and Rachel.  Love you both and thrilled you could come!
mm, BEER
Some of the women, just could not keep their hands to themselves....but...looks as if it made him happy!

And here is my 2 friends from work, yep just the 3 of us with the ole boss man...I have grown to love these girls and I am so happy they were there, Kristi...thanks for helping me that day, xoxo. Thanks to all that were there, we had close to 20 join us, I wish I could post all the pics, but here are some highlights…And Doug, thanks for helping me with Steve's party....xoxo
So, to my husband of 30 years, Happy Birthday, you have made me a very happy girl, all these years...and I love you.


  1. I hope he is excited about being 50. My Boo will be 51 this year and each time the AARP card comes in the mail, he tears it up. I guess he's in denial???

  2. Fifty is fine! And the pictures prove it....
    Happy everyday, Mary