Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ok, well here it is the end of the dreaded week one. I did well, didn't agonize over food, and didn’t have any horrible guilt feelings or "bad" feelings. I had a bit of a hurdle on Friday, my co-workers birthday and she wanted take out from Chile's. We got appetizers, yikes...but I only ate half. And a small, small piece of cake.
Soooooo, 3 pounds down...

I am happy with the results.  I feel good about myself, and I know this is up to me and only me to do or not do.  Today I choose DO!
Now I only worked out 2 times this week, and that is what I will work on this upcoming week.  More workouts.  I am enjoying my Wii Fit, but need to do it more often.


  1. Each day is progress of one kind or another, isn't it? Either it's what you learned worked...or what didn't work and what you wouldn't do another day...and what you certainly would. Attitude, decisions, desire and motivation. Some days all are there, some days they aren't. You'll do it...I believe in you! xo

  2. That's great, Kathy! With the exercise, you'll lose even faster. There's nothing wrong with eating a little treat here and there...I couldn't stay with it if I didn't! Here's to a focused successful week.

  3. Good for you Kathy!
    (Reminds me, I should probably get myself to the gym today.)

  4. Hay girl, 3 pounds is 3 pounds lost..that great...Think of it as three pounds of butter gone. Keep up the good can do this!!! Hugs, Mary